“Correct leaflet”

Flyer – the cheapest advertising medium. As a rule, every day we handed some flyers – and at the entrances to the underground, and in mailboxes and on the walls of the elevator, we find a lot of flyers all sorts of shapes and sizes. Most of them we do not pay attention, just collect and throw away the nearest dustbin. Some folks but still manages to attract attention and even interested. So what should be the “correct” leaflet “?. try to formulate some very simple rules to help you become a more effective flyer advertising vehicle.

 1. The first rule – the person to whom you hand a leaflet, even if he is going to throw it away as soon as possible, should have time to catch the essence of the advertising message. Use a large, bright font noticeable from afar. Maybe you’re lucky and your proposals are interested prospect’s attention, and the leaflet will be read and not thrown away.

2. The leaflet should be something of interest to the consumer – it can be a decline in prices, sales, opening new outlets, information about discounts, etc, offer interesting and useful goods and services at affordable prices, etc.

3. Ad message should be simple and straightforward. This is necessary if only because it is most often a leaflet handed person where – at the entrance to a subway or a supermarket, and the buyer, occupied his thoughts may just did not immediately grasp the meaning of your sentence, and another attempt will be gone, just throw the flyer.

4. Design of leaflets should be bright and showy, you can use funny illustrations and pictures. The leaflet should attract the customer’s attention and cause a desire to see her. Sometimes the image may be so informative that the meaning of the content of the leaflets becomes clear and without additional textual information.

5. The leaflet should be as small as possible. The small size of the leaflets has several advantages: first, it will be cheaper to manufacture, so you save on paper, and hence be able to release more leaflets that can reach more of your target audience and convey to them your advertising. The second advantage of the small size of the leaflets is the ability to put it in your pocket, wallet, sumochku.Takuyu leaflet easier to store, which reduces its chance to be ejected.

6. To attract buyers can use the flyer – it’s the same leaflet, but it printed any discount to its owner, invitation to the opening of the store, even some kind of information that can attract customers.

7. Print on the flyer, in addition to your proposal, any information necessary for all – metro scheme, calendars, list of the most desired phones etc. Perhaps, then, the flyer will remain, and at the same time and read your advertisements.

Let your little advertising media will try to adhere to these tricks – it is sure to add more effectiveness of your advertising and possibly bring a successful result of your advertising campaign.

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