How to choose a density of paper for printing leaflets?

Ordering print flyers, you must make a choice in favor of a method of printing and paper weight.

So, if you order a print of leaflets for display (such as an ad for the sale of any goods or renting of property), it is better to choose rizografy. This method is the cheapest, but it turns printed in black and white. To give it a colorful, printed leaflets of this type carried out on colored paper.

If you order a print of leaflets for distribution to the mailboxes, and planned a very large number of copies, or is campaigning, and at the same time it is necessary to solve the problem of austerity budget – can be used newsprint density of 65 g/m. The quality of this product is not inferior to the printing color newspapers.

But more often, ordering print flyers for mass mailings to mailboxes, use coated paper of 115 g/m (higher density in this case is unnecessary).

If you plan to distribute promotional printed products directly into the hands of potential customers, paper weight must not be less than 135-150 g / m: this leaflet looks much more impressive.

If you need flyers for clubs, parties, choose a paper of 200-250 g/m VIP guests will appreciate it.
Only in exceptional cases, the density of paper can be as high as 300 g/m. Printable leaflets it is usually unnecessary. In the event that you decide to use dark fill (dark blue, burgundy, black and so on.), After the printing of leaflets need to put on them offset varnish, prevents fingerprints.

In addition, for the manufacture of the printed products can be used all variety of cripples and design papers – it will emphasize the individuality of your company, make an advertising campaign bright and memorable.

It must be emphasized that we are very well understand the phrase “printing of leaflets”, for us is a wide range of services: the production of all kinds of posters, flyers, tags, labels, price tags of any format. In the production of folding or creasing used (when needed folds), and applies cutting, perforating, embossing, UV varnishing.

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